Text Box: 1An international industry
Employers in my country, completing a form, tools and hardware
2 Upstream
Measuring oil and gas, talking about jobs, some upstream jobs
3 Downstream
Calculating, telephone calls and messages, computers and control panels
4 Safety first
A toolbox talk, safety signs, spelling and notices
5 Finding oil and gas
Global positioning, seismic exploration, discussing specs
6 Drilling
Problems and solutions, a drilling crew, giving safety advice, understanding instructions
7 Pipes and pipelines
Measuring pipes, welding hazards and precautions, isometrics and MTOs
8 Working offshore
Radio conversation, a production platform, electricity and circuits
9 Natural gas
Alternative energy sources, describing equipment, gas production and distribution
10 Oil and the environment
Environmental success stories, problems and solutions, preventing environmental damage, reporting an incident
11 Workshop operations
Precision measurements, workshop responsibilities, managing the workshop, a job card
12 Repairs and maintenance
Planning the day's work, routine maintenance, recording repairs
13 The refinery
Temperature, fractional distillation, a refinery tour, explaining a process
14 Emergencies
Dealing with accidents and emergencies, an accident report, emergency vehicles and equipment
15 Petrochemicals
Rounded Rectangle: زبان تخصصی نفت و گاز
Rounded Rectangle: درخواست برگزاري دوره